Portland Pricing is a web-based information service, designed to make fuel purchasing simple and understandable by providing insight into the way fuel is priced.

Through access to our online fuel pricing toolkit, we allow customers to see how fuel prices are calculated at nine key rack locations* across Canada, enabling you to challenge suppliers on pricing, check costs against supplier/transport agreements and understand developments in the oil market. Key features include:

Regional Prices: showing you how your daily and weekly rack prices are built up, including base price, rack premium and taxes.

Fuel Surcharge Calculator: dynamic FSC allowing you to set variable haulage rates in line with movements in the fuel market.

Live Price Indicator: live chart updated every two minutes, showing intra-day wholesale market movement to give an indication of the following day’s price.

Purchase Alerts: unique ‘buy/hold’ feature comparing current prices against expected prices for the following week, with a recommendation of when best to buy.

Rack Price Tracker: customisable chart showing longer term price trends, including historic rack premiums and changes in tax.

You also receive access to daily market headlines providing context behind price movements, alongside underlying crude price information and exchange rate data via the portal homepage.

Subscriptions start at $80 per month, billed quarterly or annually, and include access for up to 5 users and 30 days’ historic pricing as standard, with the ability to add further colleagues and extend historic access as required.

*Rack locations include: Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Regina, Saint John, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg.